Baobab Collection


A voyage for the senses

Like a baobab tree in the African savannah, the candles and diffusers created by the Baobab brand set themselves apart with their imposing size and the originality of their design. These are extraordinary objects that create unique olfactory and aesthetic experiences.

Baobab Collection was born in 2002 in the enchanting landscapes of Tanzania, a country of intense colours and bewitching scents. While our collections of perfumed candles and diffusers draw inspiration from the African continent, it’s in Belgium, home of chic and minimalist decoration, that we dream up our new creations.

With these candles, the collection tells new stories: they are an invitation on a sensory voyage where the beauty of the candles and their divine scents intertwine. Every material that goes into our candles is meticulously chosen and drawn from the finest artisans in Europe.

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Rue des Sablons, 15
1000 Brussels

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