The art of exceptional coffee

The mission of Corica, the artisanal coffee roaster in Brussels, is to introduce its clientele to high-quality arabicas. Since reopening in 2011, the owners have offered a wide range of coffees with ever more surprising and delicious aromas. Their work has been rewarded recently by the Brussels Exclusive Label and Artisans certifiés label.

About 20 coffee varieties are sold in our two boutiques. Among them, you’ll find familiar classics from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia or Guatemala, but others are much rarer and little-known: Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kopi Luwak from Indonesia or Bourbon Pointu from Réunion all delight the taste buds of curious clients. Corica also offers speciality coffees selected for their originality.

The strength of the Corica brand is its dual approach, where clients can both buy and taste coffee, coupled with genuine care about advice and service. Our arabicas are roasted in front of customers, to ensure transparency and to share this ancient art.

Where to find us

Our points of sale

Rue Marché-aux-Poulets, 49
1000 Brussels

Rue Caroly, 39
1050 Brussels

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