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On 14-15 December : The BEL Experience Days 2019 are offering a voyage of discovery highlighting the savoir-faire of the exceptional companies that are members of Brussels Exclusive Labels.

The 2nd edition of the Experience Days, an initiative of Brussels Exclusive Labels (BEL), is again renewing the enjoyment of a beauty event, thereby responding to the needs of today’s clients who not only want to make a purchase, but also to discover the origins of these objects and how they are made, in short, a client who is seeking two unique elements: the savoir-faire and a story.

Events during these two days will present a unique excursion to discover how these purveyors of excellence carry out their work. This invitation to a voyage of discovery will enable the visitor, the curious and the (future) client to see how expert craftsmen do their work, by entering their workshops and studios, the very cradle where such beautiful objects are created. This is a ‘first’ for Brussels, viewing the ‘back stage’ of these crafted objects created by the hands of experts, the fruits of Belgian tradition that has often existed throughout many ages. Sophie Helsmoortel, President of BEL, “Sometimes, people do not dare to enter the portals of a luxury goods store. We are inviting them to do so, leading them by the hand and offering them the chance to enjoy the experience of emotions inspired by the eye, the hand, the sense of touch and perfumes. Our craftsmen will take pleasure in letting the visitors know some secrets of their savoir-faire. Last year, some forty companies participated in the event.” Shuttle buses are available, courtesy of D’Ieteren, to take the visitors from store to store. An attractive route map will be available. BEL’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts will highlight the event, and the monthly magazine GAEL will also be participating.

What they are saying

“To attract clients, you have to stand out from the crowd. The Experience Days allow us to do that.”

“The Experience Days bring together the members of BEL in order to attract both the Belgian and foreign public. BEL is an ambassador which brings together our companies and offers us visibility through BEL so that we can make ourselves known to a greater number of people.”

“The Experience Days is an excellent way of promoting our savoir-faire.”

The Experience Days have a quantifiable effect, “it is a spark of curiosity and discovery!”

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