Brussels of tomorrow

Brussels mag N°17


Small indiscretions

TEXT Marie Hocepied

After starting a career as a notary, Xavier Bouckaert joined the Roularta group and rapidly rose in the company, becoming their CEO in 2016. The group currently has 1,287 employees and calls on a network of more than 1,300 freelancers. It has a turnover of €277 million. We developed a very targeted questionnaire in an attempt to pierce the hidden secrets of this media man.

Coffee or tea? Coffee, especially Italian coffee.

Keyboard or pen? Keyboard, my handwriting is not glorious!

Your HQ? My offices in Roeselare or Brussels.

Your defects? Impatience.

Your good points? My laugh, apparently it is unique and can be recognised from a distance.

An admission? I am a great lover of cheese and speciality beers.

Your favourite cocktail? Gin and tonic.

Gastronomy or informal cuisine? Fuss-free meals! It’s much more fun and often just as good as starred restaurants, and the meals do not go on forever.

A song? “Someone like you” by Adèle. She has an extraordinary voice.

Your favourite season? Summer with its long, sunny days which are so energizing.

Are you sporty or a thinker? Sporty, especially cycling.

A magazine that you like outside Roularta? The Good Life, published by Laurent Blanc who is a veritable artist!

A book? The series of seven thrillers by Nicci French, a couple of British writers who are very nice and so talented.

Something to do for relaxation? A bicycle ride of at least 100 km, with some good slopes.

Your favourite restaurant? Carcasse in Koksijde for the different kinds of top quality côte à l’os and the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant.

Your favourite type of holiday? The Costa del Sol in Spain because of its beautiful towns, pleasant climate and great cuisine.

Your favourite museum? The Vatican museum.

An artist who inspires you? Picasso, the combination of an exceptional artist and a brilliant businessman.

A leader who inspires you? Winston Churchill for his courageous and original leadership in extremely difficult circumstances.