Maison Dandoy

Patisserie & Chocolate

A traditional taste of Brussels

Maison Dandy is a family biscuiterie created in 1829 by Jean-Baptiste Dandoy. Today it rests in the hands of the sixth generation of the same family. In the heart of Brussels, for almost two centuries Maison Dandy has been applying its artisanal savoir-faire to produce a host of traditional Belgian specialities. Created by hand in the company’s workshops, using original recipes and natural ingredients, Dandoy biscuits remain true to their heritage. The best-known items are pain à la grecque, spéculoos and pains d’amandes, and while the range has evolved over the years according to consumer tastes, one thing has never changed: respect for the original recipes, ingredients and fabrication methods.

Where to find us

Our points of sale

Boterstraat, 31
1000 Brussels

Bulsstraat, 14
1000 Brussels

Rollebeekstraat, 50
1000 Brussels

Galerie du Roi, 2
1000 Brussels