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The Pierre Marcolini House, first established in Brussels in 1995 by Pierre Marcolini, the chocolatier renowned for his exceptional know-how and his engaged approach. Pioneer of the bean to bar movement, ambassador of sustainable chocolate, he masters the entire process of making chocolate from the bean.

At present, Pierre Marcolini is the creative director of Maison Pierre Marcolini, where he has built a reputation not just for his chocolate but for his ethical standards, sourcing premium cocoa directly from independent producers in Cuba, Indonesia, India, Sao Tomé & Principe, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela and China. Other rare and exotic ingredients top off the Maison’s illustrious range of beans, including pink peppercorns from Morocco, pistachios from Iran, pepper from Sichuan, vanilla from Tahiti, lemons from Sicily, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, hazelnuts from Piedmont, and much more. Pierre Marcolini creates exceptional chocolates and sweet treats, not to mention his famous macarons. Maison Pierre Marcolini now has over 40 stores in several countries, including Belgium, France, the UK, Monaco, Japan, China and Dubai. More recently opening a new boutique on the coast of Belgium, Knokke.

His craftsmanship and unlimited creativity make him a creator of unforgettable flavors and intense emotions.

In 2020, the House was designated by the Belgians as the brand reflecting the spirit of Belgium, according to the study “Truth about the New Europe” carried out by the communication agency McCann.

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