Au Suisse


Once upon a time ... Monsieur Scheggia and Madame Togni

While Switzerland was less prosperous in the 19th century, the Ticinese couple decided, like many of their compatriots, to expatriate abroad. And in 1873, the family left their suitcases on rue des Bouchers,

A few weeks later, she opened her food business, which she would simply call “Au Suisse”.

Mme Togni starts selling rollmop sardines and barrel mackerel. But very quickly, she widened the range of her specialties in the promotion of Swiss products. It will even be the first to import the Emmenthal. It was the time when Brussels was burning.

Popular balls brightened the center of the capital and the gueuze flowed afloat. So from time to time, it was good to eat and why not a good sardine from “Togni” that we tasted by hand. To prevent the latter from flowing fresh out of its barrel, we got into the habit of serving it on a slice of bread.

The ancestor of the sandwich was born!


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