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A glass of bubbly for GenY

It may come as a surprise, not least for the millennials themselves perhaps, but Generation Y is fast approaching the big 4-0. The first generation to come of age in the new millennium, they’ve been portrayed as self-confident, tolerant, optimistic and ambitious … and lazy, narcissistic and spoiled.

It’s for this generation that we at theo created our Mille+ collection of glasses. Smooth on the outside, full of effervescence on the inside. A symbol of the elusive quality of a generation that’s radically different and full of suppressed potential.

Generation Y has come of age. They are still wildly ambitious; analogue or digital, the world is their playground. And their glasses? In celebration of all that potential that’s now been realised, we’ve turned them inside out. The bubbles, that sparkle of a generation that was initially concealed, can now be expressed on the outside for the world to admire. Mille+60 is a generational statement in stainless steel available in five models and eight possible bicolour theo twists.

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