Dominique Rigo


A passion for design

5 November 2020

In the early 1970s, Dominique Rigo decided to devote himself to contemporary interior design. With good reason, as he celebrated his company’s 45th anniversary!

A forerunner, he participated in the rise of design in Belgium and the blossoming of the “Typically Dominique Rigo” style, described as contemporary without being minimalistic and giving pride of place to 20th century design icons and the great Italian and Scandinavian designers.

Today, the trio, formed by the father and his two daughters Charlotte and Mélanie, manages a company that includes a team of six interior designers and a showroom of modern furniture. Here they offer the largest and most complete choice of contemporary furniture in Brussels and also provide a complete interior design service – from the drawing up of professional blueprints to the handling of furnishing projects from start to finish.

A passion for design