Pierre Marcolini

Patisserie & Chocolate

Autumn Collection 2019 #teatimebyPierre Marcolini

25 September 2019

Reinventing the ritual of teatime with endlessly renewed creativity and unparalleled savoir-faire… that’s the challenge that Pierre Marcolini sets himself each year!

After the tribute to the Piedmont hazelnut in the 2017 “Nutcracker” collection, the invitation to discover Tamil Nadu through a grand cru, superior grade of cacao from India in 2018, this year the chocolatier explores an ingredient of exceptional delicacy: tea. Oolong, Gyokuro, Pu-Erh, Matcha, etc. With the combination of grands crus of cacao and exceptional teas, teatime becomes an art form. The art of tasting and discovery of unexpected flavours.

Autumn Collection 2019 #teatimebyPierre Marcolini