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2 July 2019

Maison Bouvy is since 1932 the fashion reference for women and men paying attention to a modern, chic, and trendy look. It’s therefore proud to announce that the Iconic 32 Bouvy Rugby shirt will soon be available in store next to other brands such as Ralph Lauren, Stone Island, Parajumpers, Lacoste, Tods, Hogan…
But did you know the history of the Rugby shirt ?
The similarities between the rugby and polo shirt are so obvious. The knit cotton, the contrast collar, and the three buttons make the two shirts nearly twins. The fact is that true polo shirts no longer exist.
Polo shirts were made for playing polo. The original polo shirt featured a button-down collar. The buttons on your favorite dress shirt’s collar aren’t there to secure a tie, they date back to the original polo shirts that needed secure collars that wouldn’t flap up in a rider’s face as he played.
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