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Designers of your image / Graffiti for your face

30 September 2019

Graffiti. It’s everywhere you look, these days, right? It turns a bus stop into a canvas, a decayed wall into a pamphlet, a passing train into a cry for love. It is the means par excellence to give your ‘name’ a ‘face’ on the street. And it’s been around for a long time, just ask those Romans (weird guys, by the way). With large letters in bright colors, graffiti is the distinct reflection of a personal opinion and an identity: bold, bright, often rebellious, and always upfront. No wonder we’ve been hooked on it for a while already at Theo.

Especially those puffy, marshmallow-like letters that – because of their expressive and flexible design language – are very recognizable and symbolic of the genre. They were used for the first time by the New York graffiti artist ‘Phase 2’ in the late 1970s. And that ‘bubble-letter’ or ‘softie’ would soon become extremely influential and is regarded in the art form as a ‘gigantic leap’.

Reason enough for theo to give your identity on the street and everywhere else a face. And you can take that quite literally. Your nose a canvas, your glasses a tag, the street as social medium. With a theo from the Graffiti collection on your nose you automatically have ‘street cred’. La beauté est dans la rue.*

These three frames that combine stainless steel with acetate as an ode to the marshmallow letter are available in a range of 8 theo colors.

Designers of your image / Graffiti for your face