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DVF Belgium introduces the Winter 2020 Collection

20 January 2021

In true DVF tradition, bold prints reference the natural elements. Orchid, serpent, and panther all awaken the exotic and dangerous, seductive, powerful, and the allure of the jungle. Most notably, the Orchid Rain and Climbing Jaguar own a sense of the rainforest within the collection.

The iconic wrap dress naturally adapts to the exotic prints, as a playful juxtaposition of masculine and feminine completes the collection with boyish trousers, mannish blazers, jumpsuits, and soft chunky knitwear. Striking pieces like the Jaguar jacquard sweater and silk jumpsuits are collectable and timeless.

Diane’s ethos of formula dressing prevails, as each piece is created to complement one another, to be layered, mixed and matched to ultimately live cohesively in a woman’s closet. The multi-functional styles feature jewel-like tones of purple, ruby, emerald and sapphire, paired with the bright colors of jungle butterfly’s and floral pinks, yellow and bright green.

Discover the full collection in our DVF Belgian stores Brussels & Knokke. #DVFBelgium


DVF Belgium introduces the Winter 2020 Collection