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Easter Collection – The season of Pralines

23 March 2021

What if we could capture the sweetness, joy and promise of the first days of spring? What if we celebrated Easter

with childlike excitement? The six recipes of Maison petit praline eggs, featuring Piedmont hazelnuts, Iranian pistachio and Sicilian almonds, will be irresistible to fans of crisp and velvety artisanal pralines.

The smooth caramel of the petit animals will melt the hearts of young and old. Not only a chocolatier but also a pâtissier, Pierre Marcolini presents a dessert for all food lovers in the form of a delectable Easter garden as

well as cute Amaretti biscuits. Join us on a journey of sublime artisan flavours and be transported back to childhood. Along the way, look out for the little eggs, the famous Easter rabbits, baskets waiting to be found in every corner of this fantasy garden, and ready-to-go boxes for those who can’t bear the wait.

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Easter Collection – The season of Pralines