Diane Von Furstenberg

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Hello DVF Summer/Pre-Fall Collection

2 July 2019

The DVF Summer/Pre-Fall collection is inspired by Freedom. The composition of styles featured in the line are focused around the element of movement with loose, unencumbered designs such as the flowy silhouette of the flag dresses.

Whimsical, colorful prints are additional influences displayed in a new Lemon Collage, Kimono Leaf and classic Summer Leopard print.
The collection launches in anticipation of the unveiling of The Statue of Liberty Museum opening in May of 2019. In October of 2016, Diane von Furstenberg was named the chair of the museum’s fund-raising campaign, which has raised over 100 million dollars in donations.

“As Lady Liberty Museum opens its doors this Summer, I wanted to celebrate freedom and liberty.”
Diane von Furstenberg

Hello DVF Summer/Pre-Fall Collection