Hold out! We’ll get through this!

20 January 2021

Meanwhile we find our way of life back, stay connected through our new platform www.wolfersnews.com where you can shop your favorite pieces of jewelry in security.

Moreover, you’ll find our latest newsletters, creations and articles about fashion and gemstones.
We’re regularly adding news and new items to shop.
Meeting you by phone or physically is greater. That’s why we remain at your service. Give us a phone call or e-mail!

Stand by us to help you to choose the perfect gift to celebrate the person you cherish!

Shopping 🛍 www.wolfersnews.com
Phone call 02.5136150
E-mail 📧 info@wolfers.be

Visit Boulevard de Waterloo 1 – Brussels
Website www.Wolfers.be

Hold out! We’ll get through this!