”Les Ateliers de Manalys”

28 May 2021

Unique in Belgium, Manalys launches workshops where couples create their own wedding rings.

Manalys is launching « Les Ateliers de Manalys » – a series of workshops where gems-lovers, art-fanatics or simply curious guests can discover the universe of craftsman jewelry from the inside, a unique concept in Belgium.

We are proud to introduce our first Workshop: “Create your Own Wedding Ring” where as  a couple, you will manufacture the unique wedding rings of your dreams.

By creating a piece of jewelry together that suits your life philosophy and aesthetic preferences, you are making a contribution to your future. And it’s a future you love!

Something magical and elusive flies in the air when the bride and groom melt and bind together their respective future wedding rings. It’s like the bond of marriage. Such an inspiration!

From now on, when you will look at your rings, you will remember not only your family status, but also the event of your joint creation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your appointment and workshop!

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”Les Ateliers de Manalys”