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LES HOMMES – New Exclusive Men’s Barber

28 May 2021

Nicolas Bayer has opened a new store, in the very heart of Brussels, reserved exclusively for men!

Trendsetter Nicolas Bayer is opening a new store in the centre of Brussels.  “When I discovered it, the décor had an original 60s look.  We kept the superb Belmont armchairs, which were restored”.  The interior is on two levels with a mezzanine and four barber’s chairs await a clientele of men of all ages.

Nicolas Bayer wanted to create a new trendy concept for a barber shop with a more relaxed style.  The highly skilled hairdressers are dressed in cool dungaree style outfits, the service is agreeable, prices great and no rendezvous is required!  (Online rendezvous are available.)  The waiting area is a co-working space with Wi-Fi and a self-service kitchenette.

Several product lines are on offer: Baxter of California (created by pharmacists), Proraso and, coming soon, a brand new line: Les Hommes.

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LES HOMMES – New Exclusive Men’s Barber

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