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Maison De Greef in Knokke

20 January 2021

Since the summer of 2020 Maison De Greef has a new boutique situated in Knokke, the prestigious Belgian coastal town.

CEO and creator, Arnaud Wittmann, got inspired by the long sun filled days. He spent the warm, tranquil evening admiring the change of colors in the sky as the sun set behind the deep northern sea. His imagination took over and this is how the Solis Collection came to be.
This new collection is composed of unique pieces designed with a medley of precious and semiprecious gems, ingeniously matched together to create a perfect harmony.
The rose and yellow gold ring is set with a central 1.52 carat Golden Brown diamond and enrobed in 1.97 carat Fancy Yellow diamonds.
With these new masterpiece designs, Arnaud Wittmann and his team at Maison De Greef invite you to turn every moment sunny and colourful and help you choose or create the perfect jewel.

Maison De Greef in Knokke

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