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Mother’s Day Collection

26 April 2021

I love you infinitely!

In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021, Pierre Marcolini shares his prettiest pieces to bring joy and happiness to loved ones. Iconic Hearts, a pretty raspberry Tablet with a powdery pink look and assortments of sweets to make the most beautiful of statements.

The Heart Box
The new hearts, delicately coloured with vegetable powders, nestle in a new case with rounded edges. 8 Hearts full of love, for which the chocolatier has selected 3 flavours : passion, raspberry & caramel.

The Raspberry White Chocolate Tablet
A few squares of chocolate to share with your mum…delicate Maison white chocolate, pieces of dried raspberries and a touch of milk powder for smoothness. And because nature has so much to offer, natural raspberry powder dresses the tablet in pink.

The Assortments
Pierre Marcolini has selected his sweetest creations to offer boxes of love to all mothers.
Mother’s Day Cubic Box
Mother’s Day Hat Box

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Mother’s Day Collection