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Natan Circular collection

2 March 2021

In tune with the times… nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

For this summer, Maison Natan has rummaged through its previous summer wardrobe and picked out a few highlight items. The Belgian fashion house – engaged in a continuous quest for reinvention – is having fun experimenting with and challenging clothing conventions. Clothing with a capital ‘C’. Transforming a skirt into a top, a blouse into a dress, a jumper into a skirt, or perhaps even turning our blouse – white of course – inside out? Like a new form of expression against a consistently bold backdrop, this capsule collection is called Circular and has the virtue of presenting infinitely variable fashion. It is almost amusing to note the extent of our desire to guess the original item. An inspiring collection, reflecting Edouard Vermeulen’s unique signature. “I have always lamented the surplus stocks that are such an inherent part of the fashion world. And I find it a pity to depreciate an item. I wanted to breathe new life into some of our statement pieces, infusing them with fresh creativity to inspire new respect for the workmanship and product. We are thus attempting to counteract this trend towards overproduction and overconsumption. We are giving the garment a second chance, taking it right back to the workshop, hence the name of the collection Circular. This first capsule collection in boutiques and store windows from the start of February.

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Natan Circular collection