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20 January 2021

For this extraordinary new season, Maison Natan has designed a couture collection interweaving movement and energy with fleeting colours easily transposable to every occasion of life that we now more than ever wish to celebrate.

Loose and long cuts tightened but still fluid around the body lengthen the silhouette and accompany the skilful nonchalance enjoyed without moderation with an equal thirst for elegance. Edouard Vermeulen plays with volumes – high waists, bustiers tied in draped petals, mixing straight and blurred lines for a spectacular effect.

Belted shirt dresses in Mediterranean blue and long veil stoles to compose an urban train the colour of the sun as the summer unleashes its ranges of bold colours. Among the novelties of the season, we explore a reinvented Paisley motif and a fresh and moving variation of sun pleats gathered at the waist, as if to exalt the chakra of vital force. Always committed to innovation, the Maison continues its work with vegetable leather for absolute quality and insolent sensuality. Soft greens, lace and floral prints – this spring brings a promise of optimism and reflects our desire to reconnect with the happiness of clothing. It is the New Look of a new era, comfortable and refined.

To complete the modern and sophisticated allure, the accessories for subtly scenographed everyday life offer modern interpretations of a playful and sublime art of living: long gloves in the colours of the summer garden or a wide-brimmed hat – this new season of Couture brings transversality and pleasure.


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