Pierre Marcolini

Patisserie & Chocolate

The Citrus Garden

28 May 2021

A gentle breeze carries the scent of fragrant citrus zest blowing from the Maison Pierre Marcolini workshop welcoming the return of warmer days. In years past, Pierre Marcolini’s recipes have featured exotic citrus fruits from Asia such as yuzu, Buddha’s hand, and sudachi.

This summer, the craftsman of chocolate looks to Europe’s fi nest citrus fruits to tingle our taste buds. Committed to sourcing exceptional ingredients, the chef has worked with renowned producers to bring us the best of Mediterranean citrus fruit. Valencian oranges, Calabrian bergamot, lemons from Nice… Each has its own unique aroma, tenderness, and hint of bitter zest. Their intense freshness is brought out in compotes, infusions, and candied peel to create delicious chocolates and summer treats. Light amaretti, candied fruits coated in Maison chocolate, exquisite cakes and macarons…

The Pierre Marcolini Summer Collection is bursting with the essence of irresistible fruits, bringing to mind the Dolce Vita and carrying us away to an Iberian garden or evoking the sweet perfume of a sun-bathed Côte d’Azur.


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The Citrus Garden