The Manalys ruby Carrick ring

30 June 2021

Inspired by the sailor knots, pictured by our designer Sawako and handmade by our craftsman-jeweller Julien, our new ruby Carrick ring is now available at the shop.

Ruby is the stone of July but is most of all the stone of passion and provides a strong personality to the jewel. Being one of the rarer stones, the criteria to determine the value of a ruby are its origin, weight, colour, clarity and if heated or not. At Maison Manalys, all our rubies are natural and unheated.

To give you a bit of history about this fabulous gem, let’s say the ruby has always occupied an important place across the time. It has been introduced in Occident by Greeks and Etruscans around 500 BC. For the first Christians it symbolised the blood of Christ and adorned the cardinals rings. In the Renaissance, ruby was also the most prized stone and it was worth 8 times more than diamond.

Enter the Manalys shop and have a look at the flaming ruby Carrick ring, you’ll be amazed!

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The Manalys ruby Carrick ring