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The new daring watchmaker

3 January 2020

The independent brand Romain Gauthier, which creates exceptional timepieces that are works of art and technology, conveying a bold vision of watchmaking, recently joined the list of fine watchmakers at Maison De Greef.

“We are pleased to collaborate with the independent manufacturer Romain Gauthier, whose creations are out of the ordinary, echoing the challenge that drives us every day: to find exceptional craftsmen and share their talent with collectors.” explains our Director-Jeweller, Arnaud Wittmann.

Founded in 2005, Romain Gauthier brings together Swiss savoir-faire and innovation. Hand-finished, extremely limited in number and comprising three collections – Heritage, Freedom and Exception – from classic to more audacious and artistic designs, these automatic watches make a perfect choice to stylishly accompany the busy lifestyles of exacting connoisseurs.

The new daring watchmaker

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