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The unique Simonnot Godard “fil de bouche”

5 March 2020

The particularity of the making of the handkerchiefs known as “Fil de Bouche” is that the weavers would moisten the thread between their lips, thus obtaining a better result when intertwining the thread. During the 18th century, the use of cotton became a serious threat and the production of linen became a real luxury. The production decreased, to die off in the early 20th century. The workshops in the cellars in the North of France have disappeared along with the knowhow. The Simonnot Godard “Fil de Bouche” linen pocket squares were woven by hand by these traditional “mulquiniers” in 1906. How they survived over a century in the firm’s archive is mistery. They are masterpieces of French textile tradition that is long extinct, and the opportunity to acquire one is literally “once in a lifetime.”


A real unique piece available at Maison Degand (Avenue Louise 415, 1050 Bruxelles – 02 649 00 73)

The unique Simonnot Godard “fil de bouche”

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