The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar


Fresh thinking in the kitchen

At the head of The Restaurant, chef Pierre Balthazar has recently introduced a new concept, adding an element of surprise to the kitchen and the dishes with a “menu of the moment” that relies on spontaneity. Rather than planning the menu weeks in advance, Pierre and his team of chefs work directly with trusted suppliers, relying on their recommendations to choose the finest produce of the moment, be it a magnificent piece of meat, a superb fish, fresh vegetables or perfectly ripe fruit. Improvisation, creativity and the desire to share new ideas inspire the weekly menu, which comprises three starters, three main courses and three desserts. The menu changes every Thursday, bringing with it fresh surprises each time. “Pierre’s Lunch”, served every evening, offers more classic meals that nevertheless propose something new.


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Boulevard de Waterloo, 38
1000 Brussels

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